The current membership of the TMYC is approximately 200 persons and with about 70 boats between them.

Families Welcome

The TMYC is very much a family Club and children of members are most welcome with many of today’s members themselves first introduced to the Club through their parents.

Categories of Membership

Several categories of membership are open to those wishing to join the Club. The main types are: –

Full Members

Full Members are private owners of motor craft and others with a direct interest in boating.

Social Members 

Social Members are persons with an interest in boating but not owners of a motor vessel that is permanently moored in the Thames (above Sea Reach 3) or its tributaries.

Overseas Members

Overseas Members  are persons living outside mainland UK with an interest in boating (typically members of the Club who have gone abroad). Boat owners must moor their vessel outside mainland UK waters.

Full range of memberships are:

  • Full Member
  • Full Member’s Partner (Joint Membership)
  • Youth Member (18-23) – a child of a Full Member
  • Family Member (under 18) – a child of a Full Member
  • Overseas Member
  • Social Member
  • Social Member’s Partner (Joint Membership)
  • Temporary Member – for instance: attending RYA course, or running a function.

If you wish to enquire about membership, then please

Relating to membership types:

  1. Only Full Member, Joint Full Member and Honorary Full Member shall be entitled to vote at General Meetings.
  2. Social membership is limited to one third of the total membership.
  3. Temporary members are entitled to all benefits and privileges of membership, except they shall not have any interest in the assets of the Club and shall not be qualified to be Officers or Members of the Committee nor to vote.
  4. Temporary membership is for an agreed period only.