Column 1 –
Some text that is in a paragraph inside a group
this has coloured background

Some text that is in a paragraph inside a group for column 2

Grevelingenmeer island

Column 2 of side by side columns all within a group.

Group has the color bg

Column 2 as text in a side-by-side pair
new version …

last p[aragraph

The Club Regalia is available from the Club office. Please order any of the items using the order form below. Payment will be direct to the Club when they confirm the order.

From here on – ONLY the product list.
Write the products in a ‘< >’ (code) block, 1 item per block – best approach is to duplicate an existing product, then make changes.
The £ sign signifies the price – must use £.pp format, – e.g Product name £1.23
If not £.pp format (e.g. £? or £tba ) then user cannot order that product.
Add any product/order/delivery info after the price, separated by a ‘/’
– e.g Another Item £0.99 / made to order, state colour in your order notes.

Test with "quotes" £1.23/ notes123.
Test with slash/ £2.22/ notes222.
Test with no price.