Boating Life

Social Events

Besides the Riverside Bar and and patio being available for members of all categories, there is a programme for the year, set by the Commodore, and includes events in the Clubhouse, Riverside Bar, weekends away and cruises.

Boating Life

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TMYC in Willemstad,

New members are able to call upon a vast experience within the Club, of all aspects of boat handling, cruising, and boating enjoyment.

Grevelingenmeer island,

In addition to numerous bank holiday weekend cruises either up or down river, the Commodore of the day organises a more extensive annual summer cruise across the Channel or North Sea.
For those new to boating, TMYC suggest cruising with an experienced “buddy boat” for peace of mind

Demonstration of coming alongside to moor up

Competitions, and boat and crew handling events
During the year there are many boat handling competitions and experiences, including those for children and novices.
The TMYC has a long tradition of entering competent crews for other organised events both here, and abroad.

Surrey Fire and Rescue at a TMYC Sunday Clinic

“Sunday Clinics”

This is when TMYC run their Practical Boating Sessions covering all aspects of practical boating with some hands-on when suitable