During the year there are boat handling competitions – tidal and non-tidal, including competitions for children and novices as well as navigation tests at sea and in sheltered waters. The TMYC has a long tradition of entering competent crews for other organised events both here, and abroad.

A navigational competition in sheltered waters. Inaugurated in 1934, is a fixed throttle, competition where craft nominate their own speed, starting when they wish and fix their throttles with the objective of crossing the finishing line as near as possible to a declared time. Fast boats have no advantage over slower vessels. It was originally over a course from a London PLA Pier to Holehaven, as the name implies, but various commercial developments have necessitated changes in the course from time to time and in 1974 the competition was held on the Thames from Greenwich to the West Blyth buoy and back up river to the Long Reach mile marker. In 2009 it was re-designated as Passage Planning. From 2019 this competition no longer takes place.

The senior navigation competition takes place seaward off the Nore, (usually in the Thames
Estuary, but in 2000 took place off Ostend) combining navigational skills with a fixed throttle reliability trial. The first trophy was presented in 1949. From 2019 this competition no longer takes place.

Devised in 1961, to find those who best know the maximum speed of their craft. Open to all club members, the winner is who comes closest to meeting their declared top speed with throttles wide open. From 2019 this competition no longer takes place.

The Tideway Trophy Competition was devised to encourage members, particularly those recently joining the Club, to venture on the Thames below Teddington Lock but without cruising beyond the Pool of London. A boat handling exercise for the less experienced, particularly for new club members, on the tidal Thames below Teddington Lock. This competition started in 1969.

Senior Watermanship
For experienced crews, it is the premier watermanship competition of the club. A boat-handling exercise held at Club headquarters for skipper and two crew.
Originated in 1952 as just the Watermanship, and renamed to Senior Watermanship in 1974.

Family Watermanship
Simple and light-hearted competitions first run in 1974. Held at Club headquarters, the tests are devised to improve efficiency of crew in simple exercises and emergency manoeuvres that they may not always undertake in day-to-day boating. Intended to be as fun as possible. As the title suggests, the constraint is that an entire crew is from one family.

Couples Cup
As for the Family Watermanship, but for couples only, i.e. skipper and one crew.

Junior Watermanship
A boat handling competition for the junior members of the Club, first held in 1953, held at club headquarters.

Jubilee Cup
A single-handed competition first held in 1980, the Club’s Golden Jubilee Year. Introduced to test the ability of skippers to handle their craft without assistance.
Consisting of various boat handling exercises, it is intended to show that skippers would be able to manoeuvre their vessel in the event of an emergency during which the crew have been totally disabled.

Veteran’s Cup
A single-handed competition for gentlemen aged 65 and over, and ladies over 49.
Re-designated for 2019: This is now a single-handed boat-handling competition for members with over 20 years boating experience.