Website User Guide

This is for the TMYC Office and System Administrators

The Members Page: The Message Board

Create an Event

Manage an Event Booking

Write a Notice

Manage the Programme

Managing an Event

IF the organiser name matches the logged-in user name  then yes  – an organiser, secretary or administrator all have the same privilege on the booking in this instance.

Adding Images or Documents

Menu: Members > Message Board

  1. Lists the title and date of all Notices and Events irrespective if member is signed-in or whether the post is not public.
  2. The list is in descending sequence of date: event-date for Events and post-date / modified-date for Notices.
  3. The list shows the title and either event-date or post-date. No content is shown.
  4. Clicking a title will take the user to a page showing as much content of the Notice or Event that is permitted – see Page showing an individual Notice or Event

Menu: Members > Events

  1. This menu item is only shown to signed-in members, and therefore is not accessed by search engines, however it can be accessed directly by previous users via
  2. It lists all Events
  3. Events that contain the ‘more’ tag will only show information that is before the ‘more’ tag – clicking the title will take the user to a page showing as much content of the Event that is permitted – see Page showing an individual Notice or Event

Page showing an individual Notice or Event

Only ‘published’ events are shown in detail,. ‘pending’ are shown with title only and a warning message, ‘draft’ are not shown.

The amount of content shown depends on whether the user is signed-in, the post is marked as ‘public’ and whether the ‘more’ tag has been used:

  • If the Notice or Event does not contain a ‘more’ tag then:
    • if the user is signed-in or the post has a category of ‘public’ then all content is shown;
    • if the user is not signed in and the post does not have a category of ‘public’ then an excerpt of the content will be shown (first 250 characters).
  • If the Notice or Event does contain a ‘more’ tag then:
    • if the user is signed-in or the post has a category of ‘public’  then all content is shown;
    • if the user is not signed-in and the post does not have a category of ‘public’ then only content up to the ‘more’ tag will be shown, and the user is informed they must sign-in to see further details.

Manage the Programme

The programme is extracted from all of the events in the system.

If the event date is for this year then published and pending events are included. Published events have a link to the event page.  

To preview next year’s programme
– once next years events have been set up
– click Members menu item “Event Summary”
– then click the programme button under Preview Next Year’s Programme
– for next year’s preview then  published, pending and draft status are all shown with a link to the event.

To change to next year’s programme then
– click Members menu item “Event Summary”
– then follow the instructions for the first item “To change Commodore’s Programme Year”

Club Documents and Information

e.g Club Rules and Traditions

These are maintained as web pages with the template of “Document Print”. This means that the latest version is always on the web.

The page content should exclude the Club Logo as the template “Document Print” adds the Club Logo, removes everything apart from the page content and sets the font.

Some documents may be stored as a pdf in which case the menu should link directly to the pdf, and the pdf contains everything needed for printing.

When adding a new member’s Pages

Add a page with page Members as parent. This is important to restrict access to member’s only.

When adding a new training Pages

Add a page with page Training as parent.

When adding a new venue Pages

Add a page with page Venue Hire as parent.


Where a single photo appears, that is controlled by the page’s featured-image.

This is assigned in Admin > Page > Edit 

This Document Versions

21nov2019 – theme TMYCtheme2019; add page-regalia­

18sep1018 – updated template table

24sep1016 – changes to events


  • added template ‘member-only’ so that direct call of page for members only checks that the user is logged on before displaying anything..

1.1           Changes to the System

Events, 24 sept 2016

Request . We have events where it is necessary for members to fill in a booking form in addition to anything they may put on the on-line form. What would be nice is to have two types of event, those that can be booked on-line as at present and others where the form can be downloaded, filled in and sent back but with a list of bookings on-line. The list to be entered by the Office.


1. Via Admin> Toolset replaced event post field online_booking to book_online with radio buttons where : 

None means no online booking. DB record content 0.

Members is as now, DB record content 1.

Office only to be the new facility, DB record content 2.

2.  content-event.php v2.1 and page-events.php to load meta data ‘wpcf-book-online’ instead of ‘wpcf-onlne-booking’.

Events 22Nov 2019


Edit event – additional radio button ‘Closed. Office only’ stops members booking in regardless if event is full or not. This does not prevent organiser or office from adding bookings (max places permitting), or amending bookings.

Regalia, 22 nov 2019
added regalia page to display products and a regalia booking form. 

This is accessible only to members.

The form sends email to office and to member

NEWS banner

To change the NEWS  banner in the website heading:

– once logged on to the members section, bottom right under ‘user menu’ is a link ‘change the news’;

– Click that and that takes you to a post containing the news banner items;

– note that each news item is in a separate paragraph block that I show in the heading one after the other in the same line;

– to remove an item: delete the paragraph block  or its contents.